Pastry Trays

Sweets Tables- (50 pastries) assortment of mini Cannolis, Puffs, Eclairs, Chocolate Raspberry Tarts, and Rum Babas. $65.95

Cannoli and Puff Tray- 48 or 75  mini pastries- an assortment of cream and cheese filled mini Cannolis, Cream and Cheese Puffs, and Eclairs. $57.50/ $87.95

Cannoli Tray- 50 or 75 mini Cannolis- choose from all cream, all cheese, or ½ and ½. $65.50/$93.95

Puff tray- Inquire about our various size Puff Trays. Trays can be made to serve up to 200 people.

  • Cannoli bites
    Butter tart filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips
  • Chocolate Almond Torte
    Chocolate Cake with a layer of almond paste and fudge, topped with peanuts
  • Sfogliatelle
    Flakey pastry with cooked semolina with ricotta cheese
  • Rum Torte
    Sponge cake soaked with rum flavoring, filled with custard and frosted with buttercream
  • Pasticiotti
    Cookie dough with a baked custard filling
  • Pastelillos (Guava Bites)
    Puff pastry filled with guava
  • Mocha Raspberry Torte
    Chocolate cake with mocha and raspberry filling
  • Chocolate Mousse Tarts
    Mini pie shell filled with chocolate mousse, drizzled with chocolate
  • Cheese Puffs and Cream Puffs
    Puff pastry filled with ricotta cheese or custard
  • Carrot Cake Squares
    Carrot cake with raisins, frosted with a cream cheese butter cream mix
  • Black Forest Bar
    Chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream, topped with whipped cream and chocolate mousse
  • Bread Pudding
    Bread, milk, eggs, pineapple, raisins, and spices
  • Chocolate Dipped Cheese Cannolis
    Cheese cannolis filled with ricotta cheese
  • Whipped Cream Horn
    Puff pastry filled with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate
  • Lemon Bar
    Lemon cheesecake topped with lemon filling
  • Napolean
    Puff pastry filled with custard and a layer of rum torte, frosted with fondant frosting and fudge
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake Squares
    Pineapple flavored cake topped with pineapple and cherries
  • Rum Baba
    Yeast cake soaked in rum flavoring, filled with custard
  • Fudge Bomb
    Chocolate cake with a dollop of fudge dipped in chocolate
  • Fudge Topped Whipped Cream Puff
    Puff pastry filled with whipped cream and dipped in fudge
  • Eclairs
    Puff pastry dough filled with custard, frosted in fudge
  • Cannoli Cupcakes
    White cupcake with ricotta butter cream topped with cannoli shells