Our Specialty Cakes are hand crafted and fresh daily. They are made from the finest quality ingredients. All Specialty Cakes are available daily. All cakes are made in 8” and 10″.

  • White Cake
    White cake frosted in white buttercream
  • Rum Cake
    Sponge cake soaked with rum, filled with chocolate chip and fruit filled custard, and frosted with buttercream
  • Marble Cake
    Marble cake frosted in white buttercream
  • Chocolate Cake
    Chocolate cake frosted in chocolate buttercream
  • Ding Dong Cake
    Chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and fudge, frosted in whipped cream, covered in fudge
  • Coconut Cake
    White cake frosted with a white buttercream covered in coconut
  • Almond Raspberry Cake
    White cake with raspberry filling, frosted in an almond buttercream, topped with peanuts and a dollop of raspberry
  • Carrot Cake
    Made with raisins, frosted with a cream cheese buttercream
  • Turtle Cake
    Chocolate cake with fudge filling, frosted in fudge and topped with caramel and pecans
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
    Chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse filling topped with peanut butter cups
  • Cannoli Cake
    White cake with ricotta and chocolate chip filling, frosted in a ricotta buttercream
  • Tiramisu Cake
    Sponge cake soaked in a mocha syrup, filled and frosted with a whipped cream cheese frosting, drizzled with chocolate